Diocese of Fresno uses Faith Enroll to Streamline Conference Registration

Diocese of Fresno uses Faith Enroll to Streamline Conference Registration

Each year, the Diocese of Fresno hosts a Faith Formation Congress for several hundred Catechetical leaders and volunteers in the Diocese.

This event garners approximately 700 individual registrations with many of them coming in the form of a parish group.  

In previous years, group registrations were difficult to manage and time consuming due to the manual data entry they required.  A parish manager would send in a paper registration form with the parish’s name and the names of everyone attending along with a check. Then, the event coordinator had to manually enter that data into a spreadsheet in order to have attendee information easily accessible.

This year, the Diocese of Fresno enlisted the help of Faith Enroll to handle the registration for the conference.  Faith Enroll can handle both individual and group registrations with payments entirely online, thus eliminating the need for manual data entry. 

Individuals and parish group leaders can complete a simple registration process, fill in necessary information, and submit their payment which is then automatically deposited to the Diocese’s bank. 

The group registration feature is extremely helpful.  Group leaders select the event, add the number in the group, provide the names and email addresses of their attendees and the Faith Enroll system sends an email to each attendee notifying them that their event has been paid for and inviting them to complete their individual registration and select any workshops they would like to attend.

Now, the event coordinator has access to all of the registration and payment information in a single system.  An administrative dashboard is available to run reports on registrations, export data  to excel and print name tags. They can also send out email and text broadcast messages for mass communication. 

administrative dashboard

As an added bonus, Faith Enroll also supports bilingual translations so users register in either English or Spanish.

If you would like to see how these systems work, please contact us for more information and a free demo.

Your Faith Enroll service is customized to match your program’s unique needs.