Your Faith Enroll service is customized to match your program's unique needs.  We help you set up your portal and then train you on how to manage your program.  Below are just a few of features included with your Faith Enroll service.

Get a Faith Enroll Website

PSR Registration Website

Then You Manage Your Program From a Simple Dashboard

PSR Online Software Dashboard

Registration & Online Payments

Streamline religious ed class and event enrollment and save time and headaches.  Offer online registration and secure payments to busy parents and keep your records organized at the same time.

PSR Registration and Online Payment

Custom Enrollment Forms

Create custom forms to collect the same data you currently collect on paper forms.  Student records are also maintained from year to year so parents don't have to re-enter the same info each year.

PSR Registration Custom Forms

File Upload

Collect important forms and certificates during the registration process.  Users can even update the files at a later date if they changed or the file needs to be modified.

Upload Files

Auto Populate Forms Each Year

Parents will save time with auto populating forms from year to year. This means that data entered from previous years will be saved for future use on new registrations.

Registration Software with Max Capacity

Email and Text Messages

Send out email and text announcements anytime.  You can even give permission to catechists to send messages to their classroom families and volunteers.

Send Email and Text Messages

Set Classroom Capacity

Avoid classroom overbooking by designating the maximum number of students per class.  You can also set up waitlist options and extend registration periods.

Registration Software with Max Capacity

Payment Plans & Reminders

Offer payment plans to make enrollment more flexible for families who may not be able to afford a single payment.  PSR Enroll automatically sends out reminders when payments are due.

Online Registration Payment Plans

Discounts for Multi-Sibling & Catechists 

Setup discounts for families that enroll more than one child or for the Catechists who may also have children in the program.  You also have the option to use promo codes for financial aid.

PSR Online Registration Discounts

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