Testimonial from St. Dominic's

Testimonial from St. Dominic's

Kathryn Judd, Coordinator of Children's Ministry from St. Dominic's in Panama City, Florida spearheaded the charge for her parish to switch to Faith Enroll. They have been on the software since July of 2023 and here's what she had to say:

For the last few decades, we have been doing paper registration for religious education and for various events that we offer for families throughout the year. And so, we were wanting to switch to an online registration platform so families could register from the comfort of their own home.

Parents enjoy having everything in one place. And so in our parish, we use Faith Enroll for toddlers all the way up through high school. For all the events, we have families with children of various ages. Instead of going to all these different ministries and ask for registration paperwork, they can sit there and do it all.

It saves me and parents a lot of time since they're not filling out several registration forms throughout the year.  It really helps with good recordkeeping.

Everyone at Engage Software (makers of Faith Enroll) was very quick to reach out and to assist. We were able to get this up and running  within a couple weeks.  

Trish was able to answer all of my questions. I'm a visual learner, and so being able to see the screen in action was really helpful for me.  …I was able to share it with other people who also use Faith Enroll, in various ministries, and so they're able to be an admin. It was a really good training.

Faith Enroll has been amazing and it just has been a game changer as a new minister... ...just making it more modern for the Catholic family. So thank you.

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