Site Launches for Summer Programs & Fall PSR

Site Launches for Summer Programs & Fall PSR

 It's been a busy few months for our Faith Enroll team. Congratulations to the following churches on the launch of their new registrations sites:

  1. St. Paul Parish School of Religion

  2. St. John Fisher Church

  3. St. Monica Parish

  4. St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church


PSR Enrollment Site for St. Paul The ApostleSt. Paul Parish School of Religion launched on May 6th, 2024. 

They were previously handling registration via paper. Once they received the registration forms, they had to enter that information into a database. Then, every year, they had to go in and establish a new database by moving all students to the next grade and deleting any families who no longer have children in the program.

They could not send emails to different grades from this database. In order to email parents in the database, St. Paul had to send them to an Excel spreadsheet and then upload them into the email system (Flocknote). Sometimes, the child's name would be different  from the family name and the database does not cross reference, so if they searched the child's last name, it would not bring up records if the parent/family name is different.

Check out their site at


Faith Enroll site for St. Francis Xavier JolietSt. Francis Xavier Catholic Church launched May 3rd.
Welcome to the new St. Francis Xavier’s Family Formation Religious Education Program’s registration site located at
The Family Formation program serves students from K-8th grade and follows the liturgical cycle.
Registration was done via a Google form and payments were made via the parish online-giving system and by check.
Many fields are included in the Google registration form causing the data to be stored in a spreadsheet with over 100 columns. It is so tedious to work with! Also, while many families pay their tuition, the previous system makes it easy for families to NOT pay. It is also challenging to keep track of the past enrollment information.
We look forward to the streamlined registration form, the ability of families to see their registration and payment history, and the ability for payments to be made through the same system at the time of registration. We also like the idea of giving families the ability to pay their tuition in increments and being able to communicate easily with families of children in different grade levels or as a group as a whole. We also look forward to having ease of reporting.


Faith Enroll site for St. Monica St. Louis 

St. Monica Parish launched in March 2024.
Previously, they handled registrations via paper and fillable PDF. There were major frustrations with having to enter everything manually and not always having a clear communication system between parents and teachers.
With their new Faith Enroll site, they now have an integrated payment, communication, and registration platform that can handle multiple different types of event registrations (Totus Tuus, Retreats, Fundraisers, etc.)
The time savings for the staff is immeasurable! 
Check out their new site at




St. John Fisher Faith Formation |

St. John Fisher Church also launched in March of 2024 to capture Summer Camp registrations.

They previously used SchoolSpeak, but unfortunately, it was not user friendly for parents. 

With the new Faith Enroll site, they have gained an easier process for handling registration and payments for multiple programs and events. Check out their site at


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